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southern nevada mensa

Welcome to the new blog!


southern nevada mensa

QUICK UPDATE: Contrary to popular belief, our site is new. You may not see it but it is. As of December 1st, 2023, we have moved from the old PHP version to WordPress. This will enable us to make a few adjustments in both design, and website load times, and to simplify content management. We hope you will enjoy our “old-new” site. Although we do not anticipate that our blog will bring a lot of excitement to your life, it will provide an additional layer in terms of source of information for our chapter. 

As our update besides the above-mentioned enhancements, we have implemented:

– An easy-to-use Media page where you can sort through different publications by the year and find the issue you are looking for much faster.
– Updated list of officers under Meet the Team page.
– Removed the event calendar since it is redundant (the calendar is accessible in our monthly newsletter that only active members can receive).
– Implemented this blog.

Szilard Nathan Vegas
Loc.Sec./President of Southern Nevada Mensa

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