This Charter is granted on Thursday, February 04, 2010, by American Mensa, Ltd., a New York nonprofit corporation with its principal place of business at 1229 Corporate Drive West, Arlington, Texas 76006 (hereinafter “AML”), to SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA, Local Group #9/890, a currently existing Local Group (chapter) of AML.


    This Charter is a summary of relevant sections of the policy documents of Mensa International and American Mensa that together define and describe the purpose and relationship of a Local Group to and with the parent organization, AML, and is intended to serve as a clarification of the relationship between and a reiteration of the responsibilities of AML and SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA.


    • SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA is a Local Group (chapter) of AML. Its membership comprises those members of AML who reside in the USPS ZIP Code areas as maintained by AML (“the Territory”) and may increase or decrease by members declaring a preference for a specific Local Group of AML or as Local Group boundaries are evaluated and redefined.

    • SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA was recognized by AML on December 1, 1965.


    • Both parties shall operate and conduct their business and affairs in accordance with all applicable local, state and national statutes and regulations, the Constitution of Mensa, AML’s Certificate of Incorporation, the American Mensa Bylaws, and AML’s Actions Still In Effect. In the event of a conflict, the conflict shall be resolved in favor of the first mentioned of the statutes, regulations, and documents listed above, in the order listed.  Regardless of any possible conflict, AML owns and controls the use of the MENSA mark and logo in the United States.

    • SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA shall also operate and conduct their business and affairs in accordance with their bylaws and AML’s Minimum Standard Bylaws as approved by the local membership and the AML Board of Directors via the AML Bylaws Committee.  These bylaws were initially effective January 1, 2007.


    • AML's purposes are to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; to encourage research into nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence; and to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members.  As a Local Group of AML, SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA implements the purposes of AML in the Territory.

    • AML empowers SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA to sponsor and conduct membership meetings, programs and activities, issue newsletters and other publications, and conduct other activities primarily for the benefit of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA’s members and community in fulfillment of Mensa’s purposes as set forth in the Constitution of Mensa (“Authorized Activities”).


    • All funds disbursed by AML to SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA are the property and responsibility of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA.

    • All funds independently raised by SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA are the property and responsibility of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA.

    • Upon dissolution of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA, all funds shall be distributed to the Local Group(s) to which the members of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA are reassigned, according to the policies of AML.


    Inclusive of responsibilities listed in the American Mensa Bylaws and Actions Still in Effect, SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA, and AML shall have the following responsibilities.

    • AML, as SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA’s affiliating organization, shall, as long as SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA is in significant compliance with its responsibilities as set forth in this Charter and any applicable policies, provide:

      • Funding allotments in accordance with policies and funding formulas set by the American Mensa Committee (AMC).

      • Monthly data and reporting, including the membership of the group, qualified candidates and prospects.

      • Testing and marketing materials and support.

      • National-level support in the form of a Regional Vice Chairman (RVC), AMC liaisons in key areas, and full-time national staff.

      • Liability insurance and Directors and Officers insurance as set forth in Actions Still in Effect.

      • Leadership training materials and support.

      • A royalty-free, nonexclusive, and non-sublicensable license to SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA for the use of AML’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos, including, but not limited to, the mark “MENSA” and the Mensa stylized logo, AML’s copyrights, AML’s membership lists, and other proprietary materials in connection with Authorized Activities, subject to the terms and conditions of the policies set by the AMC.  AML retains full ownership of the trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos recited above, as well as all statutory and common law rights therein.

      • Materials and assistance with Local Group media and public relations.

      • At the Local Group’s option, assistance for Regional Gatherings, including listings in the Mensa Bulletin and on the Web site and credit card processing.

      • At the Local Group’s option, Web services including Web hosting, email aliasing, electronic email lists, and discussion forums.

    • SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA, as a Local Group of AML, shall provide:

      • A membership meeting (any organized activity for the members) and a business meeting (a meeting of the governing body) in each quarter, notice for which must be communicated to the members of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA.

      • A regular newsletter or calendar of activities to SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA members at least quarterly.

      • A minimum of three elected, voting officers, who are all current members in good standing of American Mensa, Ltd. and of the Local Group, including a Local Secretary (LocSec) or equivalently titled chief executive officer and a Treasurer.  The LocSec shall be the authorized representative of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA and liaison with AML.

      • Contact information for local officers to the general membership.

      • One or more separately maintained bank accounts in the name of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA for Local Group funds.  SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA may use the IRS Tax Identification Number provided by AML or may use one obtained from the IRS specifically for the use of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA, but in no case shall SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA use an individual’s Social Security Number in lieu of a Tax Identification Number.

      • Financial and other information as requested by AML for inclusion with AML’s IRS Form 990.  In addition, if SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA is or should ever be separately incorporated or granted a tax-exempt determination from the IRS, a copy of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA’s IRS Form 990 shall be submitted to the National Office of AML.

  • TERM

    This Charter, as created and from time to time modified by AML, shall be effective as of the date set forth above and shall remain in full force and effect, in perpetuity unless SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA is dissolved by AML in accordance with  any applicable Actions Still In Effect and the members of SOUTHERN NEVADA MENSA are reassigned to one or more other Local Groups, in which case the Charter shall be revoked as of the date of dissolution.